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'You say you haven't received your son's school report in 3 years?? OK Sir, I will look into it...'

                                                   'MR. WOOD?..GET BERRY!!'
If Azan wear short-pants..EVERYBODY have to!
Wolmer's Prep. (1971)..Who do you recongnise?
Please help by passing the details of this web-site along to any and all Wolmerians from the Class of 1908 to 2008!  (If you are in touch with anyone from the Class of 1908.....I have a nice Psychologist for you :-)

The only Information that will be publically-listed is the Name, Class Year & Location, and anyone that has/wants to send us others' contact details, or ask for the contacts of one listed; we will work with discretion to ensure fairness and respect for other's privacy.

For the benefit of the WOBA, WOGA, Our Regionally-relevant Alum Associations' Leaders and our Principals, we request the following:

1) E-Mail
2) Skype/Messenger
3) Phone
4) Class Year
5) Location

Spread the Word!

'John Wolmer' , Class of '29
Boys' Names in Red:                    No Contact
Boys' Names in Blue:                   Have Contact
Girls' Names in Lt. Blue:               No Contact
Girls' Names in BOLD LT. BLUE:  Have Contact