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AQA  News '09-'10
                         Dedicated to 'All-things-Wolmers'
Multi-talented Wolmerian, Patrick Palmer aims at Windies, Man U

Speaking to Jamaican journalists yesterday, Dowie said: "... I'm feeling a bit of pressure with the top ranking but normally I would be more nervous at other meets, but I'm keeping my cool," citing the composure of a former Wolmer's athlete, Olympic 100m champion Shelly Ann Fraser.

Danielle Dowie of Wolmer's, who is ranked No one in the world, will be joined by Edwin Allen's Ristananna Tracey in the 400m hurdles. She says while she is feeling a bit of pressure, she is confident of winning the gold on Saturday.

Hubert Humphrey Scholar & Former Wolmers' Teacher

Wolmerian Leighton Henry is a man for all seasoning!

Wolmerian Track & Field star Josef Robertson in the spotlight
Wolmerian Gary Sinclair, '78 speaks on the state of the JFF

Seaga bio coming

Wine Chat with François St Juste, '78
Wolmerians Phillip Palmer, Jermaine Brown and Deane Shepherd could be called the 'three musketeers'. Together they form Mad Circle Entertainment, a group of friends and business partners who put on 'Osmosis' - one of the hottest super-inclusive parties in St Andrew.
Wolmerians Jason Wright & Patrick Palmer, at Real-Madrid FC.
Wolmerian Rayon Dwyer, '07  UWI Student and aspiring forensic scientist
Sen. Douglas Orane, Ph.D '65 in the news...
Wolmerian Hon. Pat Rousseau in the news
Students Wright & Palmer reflect on Real Madrid FC

On a visit to her alma mater, World and Olympic 100m champion, Shelly-Ann Fraser urged students at Wolmer's Girls to believe in themselves while exercising patience.

Fraser, who backed up her 2008 Olympics 100m victory with gold at last month's Berlin World Championships, told the students that they were the future.

"The next Olympic champion or the next prime minister could be any one of you sitting right here in the audience," she pointed out.

Jason Walter, a fourth-form student at Wolmer's Boys' School, dominated the field in the 14 and under category. He had a flawless performance, being the only rider to accumulate a score of zero faults over the two days of competition and being awarded first place.
Omar Holness said: "We will treasure this experience for the rest of our lives. It's been a fantastic week so far and we're all so happy to have had this opportunity. "Being able to watch Sunderland in action against Birmingham City last night was just incredible and it has definitely helped me focus on being the best footballer I can possibly be."
Tami & Wayne Marshall

Omar Holness is a versatile player, who can play on the forward line or slot into the midfield. He returned to the island on Monday and describes his relationship with the other seven boys as very close. "We were very close, we were like brothers. For such a short period we really got along well. The club (Sunderland AFC) also welcomed us into the system, they treated us like we were part of it," said Holness.

His immediate focus, however, is on winning this season's Manning Cup competition with his Wolmer's Boys' School team.

'Bibi' hungry for more Premier League goals
"However," she said, "he says her son Wolmerian Javier O'Gilvie still wants to play football. He insists that he wants to represent his school and do everything for them so as to ensure that at the end of he day, he excels in both academics and sports."
2009 Manning Cup

Final Games
v. Calabar 0-2
v. STGC      1-3
v. STATHS 0-1
v. JC         3-2

Record:  6-4-1
Goals:    39




Observer Interview with Wolmerian: Larone Williams '04 (click)

TEENage: Did you hold any executive positions while at TEENage?

LW: I wanted to, but no. I had too many other obligations outside of TEENage. And whatever I do, I do it to the best of my ability as my alma mater motto states. I learnt and achieved a lot as a regular member, though
Ray Chen, '55