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Laurence Watson:  A Tribute
As we continue making plans for the 30th. Anniversary for the Class of 1978, word came to us that Classmate: Laurence Watson, was killed in a crash in which 6 fellow-cyclists were seriously injured, on Saturday 22 March, 2008 at approximately 7 am on the 'Palisadoes Road'.

Born in England, Laurence came to Jamaica  and attended Wolmer's Boys' School from First Form. We remember him as a member of Crosse House, a dangerous 'baller and
a supreme Table-Tennis Player of national renown being invited to train & play with Jamaica's National Team.

He th
en returned to England to continue his studies at University, and returned to Jamaica. He was married in 2007 to Janine (née Finzi-Smith), a Medical Industry Consultant for Windsor Laboratories and they were the proud parents of a precious daughter: Gabriella Isabel.

Close friends include:  Rich
ie Oddman, E.Courtenay Rattray, Steven Payne, George Garth, Kevin Brown & Chris Beckford among innumerable more lives he impacted in his 47 years.

In the event anyone is able to pay respects or offer service personally to the family; the last known details we have are:   16 Bridgemount Heights, Orange Grove  (876) 969 7550

Please submit any pictures, details, personal memories and thoughts either via wolmers1978@yahoo.com or the Family's Guest-Book and it will be made available promptly online.

WBS'78 Executive Committee
Family Church-on-the-Rock 
12 Clifton Blvd. Kgn. 8                                                                                                                          (876) 925-4914                                                                                                              (876) 924-7620

Pastor:  Che Cowan

Saturday April 5, 2008
@ 2pm