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Our Goal is to have a comprehensive list of recommended reading for the benefit of all Classmates, Families and friends. Please submit your recommendations by the form further below with your Grade.
'Words' - An Anthology of Contemporary Urban Poems - Mitzie McPherson   A++

'Conspiracy of Kindness'
- Steve Sjogren   A+

'The Most Important Person on Earth' - Myles Munroe, Ph.D  A++

'On the Horns of the Beast': The Federal Reserve and the New World Order - Bill Still  A++

'The Art of War' - Sun Tzu

'When Banana was King' - Goffe

'Biography of the Dollar' - Craig Karmin  A+

'Nigger' - Dick Gregory  A

'Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our time' - Carroll Quigley, Ph.D     A++

'Born fi dead'  - Laurie Gunst  A+

'Black on Red. My 44 years inside the Soviet Union' - Robert  Robinson

'The Saudis' - Sandra Mackey

'The Creature from Jekyll Island' - G. Edward Griffin  A+

'Kaffir Boy' - Mark Mathabane

'Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler' - Anthony Sutton

'The Richest Man in Babylon' - George Clason  B+

'No Apology Necessary' -  Earl Carter   A

'Confessions of an Economic Hit-Man' - John Perkins  A