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We all 'bout...
Thanks for your v-mail message earlier today.

Caroline Chow, '75
Emeryville, CA

I will be home early next year.
There is a Jamaican restaurant here too, but I've never been .

Venice Brooks, '95
Hsinchu, Taiwan
Age Quod Agis Fa Life!!!
Big up!!will keep d link

Kingston, JM
I have been longing for
something like this.


Kevin Gruber, '95
Kingston, JM

Shannoya Corrodus, '92 was indeed a fantastic young woman.
We welcome the opportunity to discuss initiatives in her name.

Nice to see everyone listed!!!
Brings back good memories!!

Eero Sampson, '78   
Winnipeg, Canada
Thanks for contacting me.., my Wolmer's days was from 
1958 -1964, and I had both Jackson and Walker as Headmasters at the time.
Most if not all class  live in Canada and England. A few still
live in Jamaica..

Jim Savage, '64
Palm Beach, FL

Fond memories of the old Alma Mater. Remembered that shortly after I left we did the treble. I think I'm safe in saying 'those were the days'.

Clyde Sinclair, '68

Many thanks for your interest! I think these are the only school photos i have - but i will check.
Any questions please ask!!
Best wishes Ula

Ula Cartwright-Jones, '45
Cheltenham, West Midlands UK

I'm in Rio de Janeiro, but Sao Paulo is close by.

Mark Henry, '91
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I reside in the Westmoorings area and also working in POS. There is one other Wolmerian, Denise Salabie (nee Clarke) in the office.

Jim Campbell, '69
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

Jamaica Vibes is the product of Difamli Entertainment which has its roots in Wolmers. The three directors of Difamli Ent. are Jesse Golding, Shayne Morris and Trevor 'SHAQ' Thompson, all Wolmer's Boys past students. This is why we are really looking to you guys to help push anything that we are doing that you may find interesting. Please keep in touch as we are thinking of doing some king of fundraising this year for the school, as soon as we talk to Miss Robb.

Jesse Golding
Kingston, JM

Albany is a small city in the Great Southern Region in the State of Western Australia. For those that don't know much about Australia the easiest way to describe it is at the bottom of Australia, the other side of Australia from Sydney (about a 5 hour plane flight) plus a four hour drive.
Happy to blog some info, just let me know the details.

Kelley Meyer, '98
Albany, Western Australia

No problem iya. Just let me know

Dr. Andre Dick, '89
Seattle, WA

Happy New Year.
As you may know I am now at the
Jamaican Embassy in Beijing and
here's wishing you a great New Year..
Courtenay Rattray, '76
Beijing, China

As a Wolmerian Alumni, I really want to help in the New York Chapter, please let me know how as I was there from the '40's.  Thanks.

Clovis Scott, '52
Bronx, NY

Have past wolmerians comment on funny/matter of fact  memories.... (a best moment at Wolmers) something that they can remember.. then add it to the page. Eg. my year Mrs. Saunders was called Pink Panther because she epitomized the character in her walk and cool sauntering down the hall way. Or we used to stone Miss Pinto Plum tree... one person was the look out, the other collect the plums while 2 others stone the tree. Just my 2 cents.

Andrea Radway, '88
Charlotte, NC

The alumni site is pretty cool.
Its a good reference for the alumni.

Have you collaborated or referenced
to www.wolmers.net ?

If you aren't, you should.

Damion Kelly, '98
Kingston, JM

One of your Wolmer's sisters here. Thanks for this great site. Long overdue. Do you have an email list though? I would like to add my name and email address to the alumni list. I left in 1990. One more thing: the live traffic feed gets in the way of the left hand menu. Check that out - otherwise great site.


Audrey Bennett, '90

I have not been able to keep up with facebook yet... let me apologise for taking so long to respond. I attended Wolmers 1982-1985. from 1st to 3rd form after which I was educated in London. Those early years have left an indelible mark on my life.

Paul Lee '85
London, UK

Just want to hook up with my old classmates!

Carol 'Julie' Richards, '80
Antigua, BWI

Would love to Serve

Robert L. Young '83
Vero Beach, FL

I am looking for members of 5D who left Wolmer's in 1970.

Neville Raincourt, '70
North Jersey, NJ

Hi, Please add me to the Wolmer's Girls' Alumni list.  

Diana Fullerton, '69
Bradenton, FL

I was at Wolmers Boys in the 
50's/60's but have no idea where
all the other fellows from that period
now are, or how to contact them.
We seem to be all over the world!!

Good luck to you all,

D. Wayne Forbes '61
New Westminster, BC, Canada

I have passed your email on to some of the ' 59, '60, and will add the ' 57 &  the
' 58 as soon as I can get it together for you.
I am in touch with almost all of the
' 59 & ' 60 cricket, hockey and football teams and some of the track and shooting teams.
Some of them have articles and clippings
and may be willing to share.

Michael Peynado '59
Dade City, FL

I think the idea of an Wolmerian Alumni registry is excellent and will support the cause to the best of my ability. It is so important to stay in touch with those who played an important part of your educational growth.

Carl Wright, '77
London, England
Always trying to find classmates.

Mark Chang, '72
Scottsdale, AZ

I enjoyed perusing your website. I especially enjoyed the Reflections page.
I always love a good laugh and it does bring back good memories. I will
definitely bookmark this site.

Deborah Bonner
Boca Raton, FL